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Save and Give Fund

Dear Fellow Alumni, 

Season’s greetings! As we celebrate the holiday season by giving to our friends and families, I invite you to join me in giving back to our alma mater through the Save & Give Fund 『累積與回饋』, which runs on one simple concept: small actions can make a big difference. 

Here is our simple plan. By setting aside just $1, $2, $3, or $5 a day, you can support critical initiatives that will support the two pillars of our university, our faculty and students. With an annual goal of $100,000, 70% of the funds will go towards attracting and rewarding faculty members, and 30% will go towards establishing study abroad fellowships for qualified students who otherwise might not be able to afford the opportunity.

The amounts themselves might not seem like much, but they quickly add up with continued and increasing participation from the alumni community:

  • $1 per day = $365 per year
  • $2 per day = $730 per year
  • $3 per day = $1095 per year
  • $5 per day = $1825 per year

You and your classmates’ support are vital to the success of this campaign.  For this reason, please tell a friend or someone from your Fu Jen network about the Save & Give Fund, and make contributing to the fund an annual tradition.  Together, our contributions will help ensure our university community remains competitive and strong for students and faculty today and tomorrow.     

Your donation is tax deductible, and every dollar of your contribution will go to Fu Jen Catholic University for the two initiatives described above. There will be a report of the annual funds received and disbursed. 

Please join me in kicking off the season with a gift to Fu Jen that gave us so much. A donation form is attached (click here to download) for you to support the fund. Thank you, and I wish you and yours a splendid holiday season.


Susan Chao (English Literature 1967)
Chief Operating Officer